Wait – do you have to deal with the effects of gravity? That’s stress!

When I had the strokes, there was too much going on. I had two young sons. They were 10 years and 8 years old. My wife had a full-time job in the advertising industry. I was a partner and the Hospital Administrator of a large specialty and emergency veterinary practice. I was busy. That came to a screeching halt when the strokes hit me. Over the next eight months, I was attempting to put my life back together. I was stressed.

When the world talks about stress, it is really talking about two conditions that are mistaken as stress. Gravity causes stress on us every moment. That is good stress or eustress. When the stroke causes us to be stressed, we have bad stress or distress. It would be more helpful if the word stress was stricken and it was divided into the words eustress and distress. If we can be more honest about our situation, we can describe what kind of stress we have.

When you are feeling distressed, you can have a choice. You can feel more distress. Or you can choose to be more mindful. There are numerous techniques and methods to be more mindful. When you are more aware of your essence, it is hard for either of the stresses to take hold of your psyche. Take one of the methods I use to be more mindful. I take a taste of the Daily Bell.

Padraig O’Morain is the mind behind the Daily Bell. He is from Dublin, Ireland, but his wisdom is true wherever you are. It is a little goodness that is emailed to me every day. I got this nugget the other day. “Our nervous system seeks balance. We tip the scales towards stress when we re-live painful events or entertain exaggerated fears. We can tip them towards calm by quiet awareness of our breathing or of what we are doing in the moment.” He has more methods to practice mindfulness. Check out his website at www.padraigomorain.com to learn more.

This email tidbit is just one way I stay in touch with my mindfulness. No matter the level of stress I may feel, when I go to use my mindfulness tips, I feel a little better! You can adapt my way or you can Google “mindfulness” and have fun exploring. Try it.

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