When are you going to take your “tools” and use them for everyone’s benefit? 

Maybe you have heard of Seth Godin. He is a marketing guru and has written 19+ books. He has written a post every day for over twenty years. That is AMAZING! You can read his blog at https://seths.blog/. It is emailed to my email address daily. Today, he was talking about shifting your tech time horizon.

He asked a question that caught me off-guard. He wondered “whether or not each of us is going to get better at using our tools, the only issue is: how soon?” I thought we are given our “tools” (skills, physical abilities, talents, etc.,) for each moment in our life. Our “tools” change from time to time. After the strokes, I found that I had totally different “tools!” What “tools” do you have now? Are your “tools” different from the case before your strokes? Know that to be successful, we must do the best we can with the “tools” we have today for ourselves and for others. Tomorrow we will have the choice again…and repeat.

We all have a choice. We can choose to live behind our “tools” or ahead of our “tools.” Seth says, “It turns out that there are significant rewards for pushing through discomfort and getting (much) better at all the resources [“tools”] that are suddenly freely available.” Make your choice and stop “resisting until” you have “no choice.” Decide to use your “tools” and become in some way a pioneer instead!

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