Are you famous like Randy Travis who had a stroke?

Do you have your fans cheering for you as you heal from your stroke? Lots of famous people have experienced the shocking aftermath of a stroke. Randy Travis is the country-western musician that had a massive stroke in 2013. Since then, he has battled his aphasia (difficulty with communicating) and his paralysis (immobility), and paresis (weakness). He, with his biggest fan and his wife Mary Davis-Travis, has struggled with the repercussion of his stroke. 

There are other famous personalities such as Barry White, Larry King, Charles Schulz (Peanuts cartoonist), Margaret Thatcher (the Prime Minister of United Kingdom), Sharon Stone, and Dick Clark. The list goes on. Two features of their stories jump out at me. First, a stroke can and does affect anyone. Stardom doesn’t care. Second, everyone who has a stroke and lives with it has their own fans. People who are rooting for them to keep going, to get better, and to live. Thank goodness that we, the stroke thrivors (survivors who are thriving) have our fans. Maybe our admirers aren’t famous, but they are still important to us, the stroke warriors.

Just know that you, as a stroke patient, have your supporters. Your and my groupies!  Just keep thanking them for giving their positive presence in your life!

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