Facebook rocks!

I was in several Facebook stroke groups for a couple years. The problem was I had access, but I did not use Facebook or the groups. I was proud of the fact I did not go onto Facebook much. This spring, I realized that my purpose was to help myself and other stroke patients. I have 11+ years since the strokes and with the aftermath of strokes. I have learned how I was equipped and I jumped into the stroke groups. I have contributed, learned, marveled, cried, and felt grateful that I can take part with thousands of others that are on the same journey. 

One of them is called the Stroke Survivor Support Group. You can look at it by typing into your internet browser: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Strokesupportgroup1/?multi_permalinks=2648180601994606

I see the magic daily in the writings that other stroke thrivors (the combination of thriving and survivor) and their loved ones post. They pour out their hearts in their communication on Facebook. In one particular question, a woman asked for those that spent a lot of time in the hospital, is there anything anyone brought you to help cheer up you and the room? I had never thought about it, but over the 9 weeks in hospital and the subacute facility I stay after the strokes, I was touched by countless kindhearted gifts that people brought and sent to me. 

There was a CD player and a CD book called My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey by Jill Bolte Taylor which I could listen to on my bed or in the chair in my room. Another friend had put classical music on an iPod (It was 2010 when the strokes occurred to me) that she gave to me. Tons of cards, notes, and flowers. A knitted blanket. Tasty food. Decadent food. Comfort food and drinks. My sister gave me foot massages. Many gifts of the heart. 

When someone posts to the groups I am a member of, the number of replies would be just a few comments to over 700 responses. To her question, there were 79 comments and answers. Responses were books, magazines, yummy food, high-quality toiletries, photos of the kids and loved ones, comfortable socks, pillow and blanket from home, ChapStick, Hersey kisses that the patient can give to others at the hospital, some art from home, flower, Flowers, & FLOWERS! The gifts, remedies, and love were all wrapped up in the replies. It continually amazes me.

In later blogs, I will explore other posts that I find fascinating and I want to share with you.


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