I bet you have heard that you are the average of the 5 people with the creativity (or innovative, kind, wealthy, or another trait that you desire) that you often interact with them. It may be that you are friends with, be mentored by, work with, or read about them.  

I was curious about this factor as I visited my dentist today. I wonder if you visit your dentist regularly. At least twice a year? Is your dentist innovative? My dentist is very crafty and inventive. 

I benefit from her and her team’s creative ways. Like this appointment, the hygienist had me wear dark goggles over my eyes. The dark color protected my eyes from the bright light which is shined towards my mouth (and my eyes). Plus, it shields my eyes from all the debris that is thrown about as I lie down. When we get something in our eye, it is like it is we get it injected in our veins. Like, the bacteria from our mouth is put in the air around my eyes while my teeth are being cleaned. They’re always innovating!

I have noticed that I read a book, meet weekly with a group of philosophers and thinkers, or have lunch with a person who always looks at their life differently. This is my equivalent of the 5-person average that rubs off on me. 

Do you have innovative people around you? How about sweet, loving, generous, prosperous, or helpful people around you; figuratively or literally. Check yourself on this characteristic or quality. It is important. If you find it lacking, get some new friends, contacts, or read some new books. It makes all the difference!

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