Have you asked, “why me” after you had a stroke? A man named Roger who’s in one of the stroke groups I am in asked himself the same question, “why did I suffer a stroke?” I asked myself similar questions over and over. It is a common question all of us ask ourselves.

In 2016, the World Health Organization stated that 13.7 million people had a new stroke each year and 5.5 million people die from a stroke each year. Up to 40% of stroke patients die! If we step back from our self-talk, we understand we are still alive. Lots of people had a stroke and did not make it. Unfortunate things happen in our lives, like the stroke. 

I slowly grasped the truth that I needed to ask myself a different question; uncommon question; a better question. Now I ask, “What is my purpose since I am still alive?”

I understand now that a better question gives me a better answer. My mission is to help stroke thivors (survivors) and their loved ones to be more successful! When God or life or whatever you believe gives you something, take it and give your best. Let go of the factors that are beyond your control. Buckle down and deal with the items that you can control. After your stroke, you can direct your recovery every day.

What is the uncommon question that you ask yourself? It is important that you know what your answer is! Put your answer in the comments below here. Thank you. To your success!






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