Chant love!

Occasionally, I find myself having a pity party. When I feel down in the dumps; on the path to depression. Or I am on the way to dark thoughts. It is SO important to take the first step to turn my mood around. Whenever I can get a hold of my thoughts or feelings, I will silently say to myself, STOP! 

The second step is to take a deep breath. The third and last step is vital. Now that I have my own attention, I focus on one of three words: love, peace, or gratitude. I attempt to feel which word I focus on. If I can hold one of these words in my mind, this energy will expand instead of sliding to the shadowy side. 

It’s simple, but not so easy. I know that for a moment I am concentrating on one of the three words, it is better than to be depressed. I will attempt to repeat it…and repeat it…and repeat it. Remember, it beats the alternative!

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