Your answer will make the difference.

I have asked myself this question over and over since I had two strokes in 2010. Do you ever ask yourself the same question? Maybe you just assume it is true because you had a major life disruption in the way of your stroke!

One of the inspiring people I have met is Tom Balchin. I have not yet met him in person, but I will some day! He wrote The Successful Stroke Survivor in 2014. I got to know him through his book. He said that his book/manual was written by a stroke survivor for stroke survivors.

He is a stroke thivor who had a hemorrhagic stroke in 1997. Tom was 21 years young. He has spent years acquiring the necessary know-how so he is both physically and mentally strong. Tom used strength training and martial arts to push his recovery. He has obtained almost a full recovery.  

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He eventually got his college degree as well as his Master’s degree and his Ph.D. degree. He grew up and lives in the United Kingdom. He lectures about how to use his principles to recover from a stroke. He started and is the director of the ARNI Institute Charity for Stroke Rehabilitation in 2001. ARNI stands for Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury.

“I have not stopped working and won’t stop because I’m getting better all the time applying the ARNI principles. My methods initially were based on trial and error with a good dose of intuition, serendipity, and support, which allowed me to take risks and be creative. These were then built on by filtering out those that didn’t match the evidence-base, which is what I’ve done since the inception of the Charity until today.”

Tom says you are NOT disabled. You can go a very long way towards full recovery. How do you know that you cannot or CAN move towards a full recovery? Your answer will make the difference. 

It matters what is your answer today (or soon). You wouldn’t be consuming this content unless you are a warrior! This will give you the grit to finish today STRONG and get up tomorrow and try again…and again…and again.

Resources:  Excerpts from The Successful Stroke Survivor by Tom Balchin  &

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