Hello – I am Brent Calhoun. I am a veterinarian. I had 2 strokes in 2010. In a bit, I going to show you a video about a dog and a stroke patient that is heartwarming. But first, I want to ask you the question again regardless if you had or didn’t have a stroke. Are you a victim or a victor?

It turns out that your answer depends on your attitude. When your attitude is focused on the outside, you are a victim. A victim blames other people or circumstances for the answers. When your attitude or your mindset, is focused on the inside, you are a victor. A victor looks to herself or himself for the answers. 

You’ll find out when you see the last of this video. Is the dog a victim or a victor? Decide! You can learn more by going to flextalk.org. FLEXTALK is dedicated to conversations that empower you. 

[The resource is https://www.flextalk.org/victim-mentality-vs-victor-mentality/]

In a moment you’ll want to watch the touching video. When you are done, give me your comments below and share the video with others – especially if you know someone who is dealing with a stroke!

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