Raining won’t hurt if you are prepared!

I love to walk. It doesn’t matter what Mother Nature throws in front of me. Sunny days, cloudy days, rainy days, or snowy days. I notice that my dog, Sparky is becoming picky as he gets older. He just likes pleasant temperatures and no precipitation! I keep nudging him out in all kinds of weather.

I subscribe to a food app that I keep track of my food and drink intake. I use the basic app which is free. Check it out at myfitnesspal.com. They have a blog that has some interesting pieces. One was called “7 Tips For Walking in the Rain.” The main focus is just to make a few adjustments and you can still be safe and comfortable. You can enjoy your walk outdoors.

There was one tip that I follow. You can be miserable with soaking wet shoes. Instead, choose waterproof walking or running shoes. They keep your feet relatively dry even in heavy rain. Make sure that your shoes have improved traction to grip on the slick streets or trails.

You can read the whole article at https://blog.myfitnesspal.com/tips-for-walking-in-the-rain/. Do you walk in fair weather or all-weather? Post your comments below. To your success!

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