You need to embrace “it” again & again!

When the reality of my post-stroke condition sank into my psyche, I started to listen to what my therapists were telling me. The strokes had happened and I couldn’t wish away. I attempted to go back and I would imagine that I could have time over to choose another route. All the denial I wanted to apply to my situation didn’t change the fact. I was going need to learn over what just a few days ago I knew down pat.

You have had your own moments when you hope you could have it over before you had your stroke. You would have a different outcome than you have. You probably have heard it said that insanity was doing the same actions and hoping you would get a different outcome!

Benjamin Franklin was one of the United States of America’s Founding Fathers. He is known for his many innovations and inventions. Electricity and the lightning rod, the United States Postal Service, bifocal eyeglasses, and the Franklin stove to name a few. Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” He knew all about stroke recovery with his quote!

You have learned the hard way that it takes repetitions when you need to learn some of the Activities of Daily Living. Or when you need to learn again to walk. Or you need to form your mouth in the right way to remember how to say a word. I need to remember in all three arenas as I contend with the physical, occupational, and speech challenges of the strokes. It is the way we involve our bodies when we learn again…and again…and again!

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