Are you finding that some of your habits get in the way of falling asleep?

To get quality you need to focus on light, sound, and temperature. I will dig deeper into the sound and temperature factors in later posts. Remember, regardless you need to be physically active every day. Go for a walk, garden, or do some exercises. Then you are tired when it is time to go to bed.

After a stroke, some patients have difficulties getting sleepy at night. Then they find waking in the morning is tough. This happens when the sleep-wake schedule is no longer affected by sunlight and the darkness of night. There are many reasons people have a hard time falling asleep. The first issue to tackle is light (or the lack of!). These are the top tips you need to heed:

1. Expose yourself to plenty of sunlight even if it is cloudy.

2. You need to keep your bedroom completely dark. (It’s okay to have a small night light in the bedroom or your bathroom to guide you safely out of the room.) Wear an eye mask to block out any additional light.

3. Minimize your use of computers, tablets, & phones two to three hours before bed and stop using your electronics altogether at least one hour before bed. They emit blue light which mimics daylight. Turn on night mode on your phone and tablet in the evening.

4. Read if you relax to fall asleep, otherwise read outside of your bedroom until you are ready to go to sleep.

If you will pay attention and follow my recommendations, you’ll find you get sleepier and sleep soundly through the night.

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