Do you have anything that you are grateful for today? Hmm? Come on! Anything at all? Even for a moment?

My pastor says that we have a million miracles before breakfast. Imagine how many events, people and things you are grateful today? Could you be grateful? Do you do see all the wonder happening around you?

When my pastor said, I shifted my perspective totally around. In May 2022, I was invited to be a part of an Accountability Group that was starting. There has been 3 other people that are committed with me. We meet weekly and were going (and growing) strong.

One of the ladies is all about miracles. Her name is Kathryn. She opened up my eyes along with the series called “Beyond Blessed” by my pastor. I have begun to notice almost everything as a marvel. Previously, I have taken most of my life as normal, not a miracle.

When I have widened my attitude, I have found I have lots of gratitude. When I wake up. Before normal, now I noticed a miracle for I am grateful. When I prepare my lunch, normal. Now I see the revelation of a miracle. I eat my meal more conscious of all the surrounding gratitude around me.

I say you need to begin writing down your gratitude in a journal. Others will encourage you to start and continue a gratitude journal.

 We humans can inject positive thinking into our brains. We obtain a state of calm and well-being with practicing gratitude. The more we introduce positive thoughts into our brains, the more we flex this positive muscle.

What a minute…what does the science repeatedly declare?

Research show that the gratitude journaling LITERALLY rewires the brain. Because of neuroplasticity, the person actively take part in shaping the neural pathways. In addition, studies tell us that keeping a gratitude journal can reduce anxiety or depression. It genuinely boosts your physical health. Neuroscience notes that the brain is more mutable than previously thought. We, like gratitude journaling, creates new pathways. You rewires your brain. Like they say, “You can teach an old dog new tricks.”

Gratitude journaling helps activates the part of the brain responsible for lots of things! You regulate your emotions instead of flying off the handle with all kinds of negative emotions. It triggers your brain to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. Gratitude can decrease materialism, help us work through personal problems, fight disease and sickness, and decrease feelings of envy and resentment. You mobilize the reward center of your brain which makes you feel fuzzy (happier) and more content.

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