The star of the videos is the “cat’s meow!”

Do you find that you watch YouTube regularly for laughs (cats jumping & not making it), to relax (watch paint drying), or for suspense (drama radio)? You are missing the real thing about your stroke recovery! Rehab HQ is the channel you want to watch regularly.

Rehabilitation Headquarters (Rehab HQ) has the “star” of the videos, Dr. Tara Tobias. Her videos are posted on YouTube every Sunday. The videos last from about 8 to almost 20 minutes. She does an excellent job explaining all about stroke and the exercises and stretches to tackle it. She has a doctorate in physical therapy and specialized in neurologic rehabilitation. Dr. Tobias has over 15 years dealing with the issues we deal with every day.

She will recommend exercise routines, explain the reasons behind spasticity or ataxia, talk about using neuroplasticity, or even inspiration. She has videos for you to improve your balance. Videos to exercise your affected arm, leg, or your drop foot. Walking progressions, the first six months of your stroke, or managing your pain. Her videos cover most of the facets that affect us with the stroke aftermath.

Visit to see the full list of the subjects which are comprehensive. Or visit her website where she works at The channel has a disclaimer. Remember that you need to watch them and follow them at your discretion. If you feel good doing one of the movements, great. If you do one of the stretches or exercises and it hurts, don’t do it and see your doctor. Common sense!

Hear Ye…Hear Ye! Check out the info at our Facebook group, The Stroke Tribe, or our Facebook pages at Success 4 Lifetime, LLC or Stroke Survivor’s First Aid Kit. Go to our website at and subscribe to the special blog. You can learn about our group training also. It is going to be held on October 25th at 5 PM ET. Learn all about depression that can go after a stroke and tips to combat it. We will be waiting!

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