Do you make your food choices more consciously?

Do you eat meat? Are you a vegetarian? If you had a stroke or didn’t have one, do you even care about the food you eat? I imagine this question doesn’t even come into your consciousness. I know that I can be crazy or strange when people know what I think about on any day.

This morning, I’m reading a book called Into The Abyss (like I’m doing every morning). I am having an internal debate for years about should I be a vegan or an omnivore? I was a pescetarian since I was in college. It is someone who is eating some seafood and fish and vegetarian foods, minus the meat. That was me!

The author Mo Thomas writes about the studies that cite plants scream just like animals when they are hurt. If someone even thinks about doing harm to a plant, the sensors can detect that the plant knows it. We can detect that the plant “knows” others’ thoughts around them. Fascinating!

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I think back to when I was in veterinary college, I went to see Baxter Black, a veterinarian who was a comedian. He had a poem which he wrote called Vegetarian’s Nightmare.  He railed on about how he was killing his plants in his garden and the vegetables were screaming. He felt bad.

Mo Thomas noted of the research regarding animal/plant consciousness is that when they “know” that they are sacrificing themselves for the health and nutrition of humans, then there is no “protest” like when they are being killed for no valid reason.  He said that he takes this act as they (plants and animals) are actually grateful when they know they are supplying us with life. In turn, when we decompose, we are supplying plants and animals with nutrients for their survival. 

Mo believes he is careful to express his deep gratitude every time I eat a meal, for ALL who have been a part of making it possible. This includes the plants, animals, farmers, processors, delivery workers, packagers, store employees, and hands that prepare the meal (this is ALL under the umbrella when he prays “thank you God, for this meal we’re about to partake”) An excellent thought!

About six years ago, I asked myself why I was eating this way for over 30+ years. I had decided that the way I was eating was cheap. That is silly to decide on solely for that one reason and to let it rule my life. I looked at the various ways of eating, and I decided that eating a low carbohydrate food plan made the most sense for me.

For now, I eat the low carbohydrate food plan most days. Do you think or feel about your food choices more consciously? If you do, you will be more fulfilling eating what you choose. And the food won’t be screaming! 

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