Come on…it’s funny!

When you examine your life since you had your stroke, I imagine there have been times when you laughed, even a belly laugh! I can think of hundreds, if not thousands, of times that I laughed. A television show, a radio episode, a movie, or a book. A conversation with one of my family members or a friend. How about you? Can you reckon a few times? 

Check out a funny book from your library. Buy a comic book or a subscription to Humor Times or MAD magazine. Buy a book of jokes or funny stories. When you do one of these ideas, it breaks a well-worn habit and starts a new one. A sincere smile to another person does the recipient and you a heap of good.

Do me a favor. Will you write down a story that when you tell your friend, s/he will chuckle, giggle, or roar with laughter? Make up a story or tell a real or an embellished story. It can be a short story or a long one. Will you do this exercise for me? And remember…SMILE!


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Thank you!                            To your success!










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